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Yoga Teacher (Cover Teacher)

Jen was born in the UK, then lived in Spain after university. She moved to Singapore with the intention of staying for one or two years, only to meet her now-husband – it’s been nine years and counting…!
Other than yoga, Jen loves being in nature, art, travelling, cycling, reading, writing and doodling.

Why am I a Yogini?

After starting yoga as a way to rehab a badly broken arm in 2013, I realised the potential of a dedicated practice. I took a Traditional Hatha Yoga Teacher Training course in India in 2016, with the simple intention of deepening my own practice, but the experience and knowledge gained was so wonderful, I decided to share what little I knew with whoever was interested! I strongly believe teaching yoga is about giving back to the community, and for that reason, donate a portion of my earnings to a different charity every quarter. Since I began teaching, I have worked with charities in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Tanzania, India and Australia. Yoga teaches me how to use my energy wisely, and provides rest and comfort when needed.

Teaching Style

I enjoy teaching Hatha and Restorative Yoga, and also teach ‘fitness category’ classes such as Yoga for Athletes. I incorporate mindful movement into many of my classes, as I believe it can lead to a greater understanding and application of more traditional yoga postures.Looking towards the future, I would like to pursue more specialised training in Yin yoga, yoga for children and massage therapy. I am also keen to work with children with learning difficulties and with people in prisons.



Yoga Teacher and Reiki

Hwee went to Kaivalydham in Lonavla, Pune, India, one of the oldest yoga school in world, in 2017. Through her personal experience of managing her injuries & pain, she is mindful in giving modifications for all body types during asana practice.
Hwee searched for a deeper meaning & an identity in life during depression in 2013 which led her to the practice of meditation. She eventually found Bhakti Yoga, a mindful way of lifestyle. 
As an advocate of mindfulness, she believes that the objective of practising yoga is to increase self awareness.



Yoga Teacher

Sophie has been residing in Singapore for over 11 years. After working in sports marketing and events, she started practising yoga to release stress from her job, as well as to stretch her muscles tightened from running. Over time, she developed a passion for yoga and decided to change her career path to become a yoga instructor.
She is a registered 200-hour Hatha and Ashtanga, Pre & Post Natal, yoga teacher, accredited E-RYT® 200. She also spent a summer in the incredible state of Rishikesh, at the Parmarth Ashram, to learn about yoga philosophy and meditation. She completed Mindful Schools Levels 1 & 2 Certifications, and Reiki Level 3 & Master recently.
Besides conducting yoga for adults, Sophie is also a certified Kids Yoga teacher and love introducing children to yoga. Being a mum of 3 daughters, she has always loved playing and spending time with kids, and naturally discovered Kids Yoga, and fell in love with it!
Students say she is gentle, enthusiastic and energetic.. and so are her classes!



Yoga Teacher

Heather is an RYT 200 teacher who has been teaching since 2008 in New York City, Hong Kong and Singapore. Heather’s classes are a playful and athletic blend of vinyasa, designed to challenge you to find mindfulness through movement. Using her extensive understanding of the human body and psyche, she aims to bring ease and mobility to the body, giving you added strength and flexibility you never knew you had.

The road of yoga is endless — it all starts with a pose and a thought, and expands into a never-ending path of self discovery and growth. Heather values each and every person who joins her class and she looks forward to helping you achieve your wellness goals.



Yoga Teacher

Originally from Chile, Bexen is a certified Yoga teacher with more than 500 hours of training. He has lived in places like Mexico, France, India and now Singapore, always eager to learn about new cultures and languages. He is passionate about everything organic and a healthy lifestyle, which he loves to promote by teaching yoga.

As a Yoga teacher, Bexen gives priority to safety, proposing options and modifications suitable to different bodies and abilities, always trying to encourage and motivate his students to explore and find the best in themselves. He understands Yoga as a practice that brings physical benefits and that has the capacity to improve our mood, concentration and the way we react to our everyday challenges. His aim is to bring Yoga to everyone, with a focus on fitness and accessibility.



Yoga Teacher/ Body Work Specialist

Indra spent many years in Bali where he formed his extra ordinary practice of yoga involving Qi Gong movement patters and breath work practice into a soothing and nourishing flow, which will you leave grounded and relaxed. 
His voice and clear instructions as a teacher will guide you trough this experience safely. We are happy to have Indra back in the team.



Yoga Teacher (Cover Teacher)

Marissa trained as a doctor in London, and completed her 200hr YTT in Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow in Goa. She has a love for the holistic practice of yoga and discovered the joy of sharing her practice with others through the YTT. She started Karma Yoga - Giving Back, with the intention of reminding us of the inter-connectedness of things and to practice gratitude in our daily lives. All proceeds received by Karma Yoga goes fully to charity, allowing us to give back to others through our yoga practice, in appreciation of our own blessings in life.

Her teaching style incorporates instructions to fully understand the alignment and intended benefits of each pose to help us practice with a deeper connection to our body and reduce potential for injury. A self-acknowledged ‘stiff yogi’, she hopes to debunk the misconception that you need to be ‘flexible’ to practice yoga. Yoga is less about how you look in a pose and all about how you feel. 

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