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Yoga is Selfcare

Private Yoga Sessions being conducted at the comfort of your home and/or on your preferred Day, Time & Location.

Private yoga class provides you with such a luxury as lessons can be arranged to cater to your own personal schedule.

Classes are tailor made to your needs and wishes. You get to choose the areas to focus on. For example, you can either choose to focus on your weaknesses or practice new yoga poses or postures.

Private Sessions are suitable for Beginners or Regular Practitioners, who want to improve fast.

Regular Price (60min) : 150 SGD

5 Session Package (60min each) : 550 SGD

Valid for 3 months

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Yoga Is Work-Life Balance

By bringing yoga directly to your company, AY Yoga has created this Corporate Sessions to be uniquely tailored to your needs and schedule. The timing is flexible, whether it is during lunch break or after work timings. Even if you are thinking of doing a one-time event, we are happy to assist your needs and ideas. Act as a caring company and develop a  positive team culture, Corporate Yoga Sessions integrate yoga poses (asanas) and breath work and end in a guided meditation to feel recharged and energised to get back to work.

Regular Price (60min/up to 15pax) : 250 SGD

Monthly Package (60min each/up to 15pax) : 980 SGD

Valid for 3 months

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The Joy of Yoga - Online

Zoom Sessions can be as a Private Class or as a Group Corporate Class conducted. Since Online teaching has become popular in times of the pandemic, why not enjoy a Yoga Session online. 

AY Yoga's Online Class is a much-needed break from the stress and speed of everyday life. Grab a mat and relax into a soothing sequence that will leave you feeling centered and renewed. 

Enquiry directly with AY Yoga for more information.

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